Coding options

Chase and I have agreed to set up coding meetings to double our efforts in coding. We found out that it’s just him and me working with Don to get the project out. I did some Google searches and found a web site called and I’m very intrigued by it. It’s a small company and it offers basic mobile app development tools. I played with it for a couple of hours in the evening and mimicked the existing application as a mock-up. The tools are limited, but are enough to reproduce our app’s capabilities. Can’t publish without paying, but it looks like it might be worth a look.


STEM report for week 5

We have decided to schedule a second weekly meeting to improve communication among members of the team. We will meet at the Mac lab on the second floor on Wednesdays at noon. Whoever can’t make it in person can try to contact us via messenger or Google hangouts.

The look for the logos and maps has been decided and are well on their way to being designed. We will only design maps for the Downtown  location, as the other locations don’t have too many places to navigate. We opted for a smaller size to the icons  accommodate the horizontal layout that Chris and Emmanuel are working on developing using struts and springs.

We will be adding parking maps to the app. It’s unclear to me at this moment if they will be Google maps or static maps? There is also discussion of adding a search function to the app, Emmanuel is looking into that.

We have more than 100 icons to produce, and we are aiming to get them all done by Friday of next week. The programming guys will receive a full set of icons to work with a sample page by Monday.

STEM report for week 4

It was a short week at El Centro so our meetings consisted of emails and texts.

Solomon has made great progress on refining the icons. We are settling on  standard size for the icons, preferably in square dimensions. We discussed reshooting the photos for the startup page to accommodate a new design.

We interviewed another candidate for the team, however, the candidate’s experience was limited to HTML coding and some design, and we don’t have enough work for this person to take on.

Maps were not finished for the first version of the application, and we’re currently researching new ways to present them in the app.

I’ve asked Solomon to match the naming convention of the original app to facilitate replacing the old graphics.


STEM report for week 3

We met with Emmanuel Estrada as a possible addition to the team. While he is still in high school, he has documented expertise in app-building. He brought an app he and one of his classmates developed for Android units. His experience will certainly bring a welcome set of new eyes to look over our previous efforts.

Don Bittinger is trying to locate a set of maps of the campuses that had already been digitized, but the search hasn’t yielded much success. Solomon and I discussed the possibility of having to design our own maps.

One of the larger goals for this new version of the app is updating the look and feel. I submitted the style manuals for the colleges to reference the color schemas used by the school. I suggested we streamline the icon graphics so we can quickly replace the existing icons, some of which are copied from unapproved sources. Reimagining the graphics will save us from having to purchase the images to fulfill changing all the icons.

Solomon submitted multiple versions of the icons to consider, and the team selected one that we all agreed on. Solomon is currently working on creating the graphics for the icons. I will assist in the creation of the graphics if he needs help.

A Mac computer has been assigned to us in the second floor lab. A current version of the app will be kept there for all of us to use.

STEM report for week 2

Our main focus this week was in gathering all the work done in the previous semester, assuring that all of our data sharing apps were up to date, and that all team members are a message, a phone call or even just a text away and that all materials are available to all of us at a moment’s notice.

As mentioned earlier by Chris Henderson, the team interviewed Solomon Ochola, who in our opinion will be of great value to the team. His experience in graphics and marketing is a welcome addition and we look forward to working with him.

We are now all in communication using this blog, plus we all have access to the project materials using Dropbox.

The team hit a snag with HR — our face time with the representative was a bit short, but all was well and worked out soon enough.

We will soon be meeting with two more students interested in joining our team. We are in need of someone who is familiar with programming to help us perform testing and debugging as we move along.

STEM report for week 1

What started out as a class project has now become a STEM team effort: Construct and submit an iPhone app for El Centro College that can help new and prospective students find their way around the three campuses.

Our project initially consisted of five members, who all contributed a great deal of time and effort into the development of the app, culminating in the presentation to the President’s council at the end of the semester. The review of the application was well received, and the council agreed it would like to see the app fully developed, adding some comments and advice on content the app could include.

This brings us to the spring semester, where two of the original members of the team are now able to continue the development of the app and hopefully submit it to the Apple store by the end of the semester.

The team has agreed to meet once a week to discuss progress on the work performed and set goals and expectations to push progress in developing the app.