provides a working solution

I literally had nightmares about codiqa. I woke up several times overnight, because I kept on dreaming about it. I write this because it annoyed me so much that I went back to the site, paid for a month’s subscription and dove into the site. This service is everything that promised, but so much simpler. The kicker is that in my nightmare, codiga exported a project that github could use… and while that is not the case, CODIQA EXPORTS A PROJECT THAT PHONEGAP CAN USE! I designed four quick pages using codiqa and exported a zip file, then brought the project in using the phonegap. I discussed the site with Chase and Don and we agreed to pursue exploring other solutions but begin to push the Android version out using codiqa. Don will be sending over Apple certificates to try to push the app to the iPhone version. We will also begin to look for users of Windows 8 and Blackberry devices to test if all versions can be exported from the same original script.

And it looks like this:



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