Post-Spring Break notes

Chris, Emmanuel and Paco met on a Google Hangout Saturday morning to talk about the app.
Chris said we need to start setting up testers with the app and get feedback on it. He mentioned Manasseh Lee, Mary, Don and Hal Spiegel, for starters. Attached are the testing scenarios, if the number of testers increase we can adjust the plan.
Chris said all the graphics were placed in the app. Paco will determine which logo to use that distinguishes the return home button and integrate it into the app.
Emmanuel had sent Chris some information about some information on “struts and springs” for Xcode. Chris and Emmanual had a Google Hangout session to discuss working on the struts and springs to figure out the best way to position the elements. There is a question about whether or not Apple requires the program to display landscape.
Paco will have final maps of the ABC buildings Monday morning. The campus was closed over Spring Break so the locations could be visually verified.
Chris said Paco should take over rendering the code for the program. He and Emmanual will be working with v10 to figure out the Struts and Springs while Paco will have the official version in v9.

Download the Testing Plan Powerpoint>> Testing Plan


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