Map Needs

Paco and Sol, here is a list of the images we need to finalize the app by Monday. The plan is to build the basic map leveraging the map style Solomon developed below:


Use the building shapes from the map create each of the floors for the respective building and place an icon/shape to indicate spatially where the offices are located that are listed.

1. Emergency Button – rectangle shaped icon with the copy “Emergency” in 2 versions solid red and the current treatment.
2. New Icon – Computer Lab
3. Downtown Building A Basement – Rising Star, Financial Aid, Continuing Ed
4. Downtown Building A 1st Floor – Bookstore, Registrar, Food Court, Counseling and Advisement
5. Downtown Building A – 2nd Floor – Health Center, Library, Office of Student Life
6. Downtown Building A – 4th Floor – Computer Lab, Learning Center
8. Downtown Building C – Mezzanine – Stem Program, Gym

These images are going to be placed on each of the respective pages.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Mar 16, 2013 11.14.55 AM


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