STEM report for week 5

We have decided to schedule a second weekly meeting to improve communication among members of the team. We will meet at the Mac lab on the second floor on Wednesdays at noon. Whoever can’t make it in person can try to contact us via messenger or Google hangouts.

The look for the logos and maps has been decided and are well on their way to being designed. We will only design maps for the Downtown  location, as the other locations don’t have too many places to navigate. We opted for a smaller size to the icons  accommodate the horizontal layout that Chris and Emmanuel are working on developing using struts and springs.

We will be adding parking maps to the app. It’s unclear to me at this moment if they will be Google maps or static maps? There is also discussion of adding a search function to the app, Emmanuel is looking into that.

We have more than 100 icons to produce, and we are aiming to get them all done by Friday of next week. The programming guys will receive a full set of icons to work with a sample page by Monday.


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