App button Samples

Hi Team,

Here are some sample buttons to consider. Take a look at the different backgrounds, give feed backs or suggestions and we will go from there. I was going for a subtle 3D look so that the buttons are not flat and boring.

I will continue creating the actual symbols (images) and refining whats already there then if we decide on the background color, style and shapes then I will just drop in the symbols.



3 thoughts on “App button Samples

  1. I like the button that features the top blue layer along with the black bottom layer which includes the text. It not only looks more appealing, but it correlates better with the El Centro Color palette.

  2. Agreed by most. The bigger challenges that I’ve been working on are the actual symbols themselves not the background. They have to make sense to the user and not mislead them. There is a bit of fine arts involved but I will put up what I have so far. Also worked some maps which will also need critiquing!!.


  3. Soloman, we all agree on that concept (blue/black). Would you produce a sample set of those so I can upload them into the app so we can see a rendering with a couple in place before we make a final decision. I agree with you that the images must make sense, without that we would cause more confusion than anything. I spoke to Paco on Friday to confirm we are all together. Would you be able to upload a couple this week so I can load them and then provide everyone a look at what they will look like.

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