STEM report for week 3

We met with Emmanuel Estrada as a possible addition to the team. While he is still in high school, he has documented expertise in app-building. He brought an app he and one of his classmates developed for Android units. His experience will certainly bring a welcome set of new eyes to look over our previous efforts.

Don Bittinger is trying to locate a set of maps of the campuses that had already been digitized, but the search hasn’t yielded much success. Solomon and I discussed the possibility of having to design our own maps.

One of the larger goals for this new version of the app is updating the look and feel. I submitted the style manuals for the colleges to reference the color schemas used by the school. I suggested we streamline the icon graphics so we can quickly replace the existing icons, some of which are copied from unapproved sources. Reimagining the graphics will save us from having to purchase the images to fulfill changing all the icons.

Solomon submitted multiple versions of the icons to consider, and the team selected one that we all agreed on. Solomon is currently working on creating the graphics for the icons. I will assist in the creation of the graphics if he needs help.

A Mac computer has been assigned to us in the second floor lab. A current version of the app will be kept there for all of us to use.


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