Redesigned buttons/icons

I’m currently (re)designing all the buttons to be square, using only the college’s approved palette. In this case, that would be black, white and process cyan (#0099FF) and all shades of these three colors.

I suggest reducing the images used in the beta version to their minimal components, i.e. vector representations of their basic makeup.

The icon template I’m creating is a 175px square, which should fit comfortably across the iPhone 4 screen and float fine when redesigned for the new phones.

I am using Helvetica regular and bold in the design, as I would hope that future developers of the app can use the iOS default fonts to save memory and load time, without sacrificing time to recreate images with fonts attached. We might be able to implement proper font use for this release? It’s also easier to fit and, most importantly, to read.

Here’s some samples:

black_on_gray white_on_blue black_on_white black_on_bluegrad

By the way, this is what the original icon looks like:



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